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RankTeam NameSocialPlayedPrizesROI%Average1st2nd3rd
0Team Morts@DFSAustralia00.0000000
0Leather Poisoning@2514Ten00.0000000
0Roush @roushadk00.0000000

If you are interested in joining the competition then contact us on Twitter or via email


πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ Competition Rules πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

The rules are fairly simple and straight forward, read on for details:
– The competition will run from Thursday 18th October through to Thursday 11th April inclusive (playoffs are not included).
– A $10 single entry private tournament will be created each week on Moneyball for the Thursday Slate. The tournament will be generated as early as possible and the link issued to participants via a private GroupMe chat group. Payout structure will be dependent on numbers but we expect to have at least the top 20% of teams to be paid out, this will be firmed up closer to competition tip off.
– The expected outlay for the entire season is ~26 weeks x $10 = $260 paid as entry fees to Moneyball each week (DFS Australia do not in anyway profit from this competition and are not affiliated).
– At the completion of each Thursday slate aggregated competition stats will be posted on the DFS Australia website including total winnings, average score, return on investment, etc, etc. This will form the DFS Australia – 2018 NBA DFS Moneyball Ladder where bragging rights are won or lost. The ladder will be ranked on ROI% and to be eligible to be crowned the Overall Champion a coach must have played a minimum of 2/3rds of the slates.
This is a bragging rights competition, no overall prize is awarded other than the weekly Moneyball tournament prizes.
To help keep this competition running smoothly and ensure that tournaments proceed each week and not be cancelled due to low numbers, it’s expected that:
– As long as circumstances permit, you enter the tournament each week. We understand holidays, illness, personal reasons can get in the way from time to time but the enjoyment of this competition will come from people playing regularly.
– If you aren’t able to enter a specific week, please let us know via the private GroupMe chat group prior to generating the tournament, nothing worse than getting that Moneyball email saying tournaments have been cancelled because they haven’t been filled. We will likely create a smaller tournament field for those weeks where we may have a number of people missing.
– You get involved in the banter (where possible), whether it be before, during or after tournaments as we can all learn something off each other when it comes to Daily Fantasy Sports.
– Overall, just have fun, that’s what this is all about.
– Oh, and finally, show respect for one another.