Daily Fantasy Sports Australia (DFS Australia)

Thank you for visiting our site, as you can appreciate, the time commitment required to keep a site like this up and running with up to date content is considerable and as we are a one person team this has become impossible to continue with in the near term. Instead of sporadically updating stats or providing sub-par content we’ve decided it best to put the website on hiatus for the immediate future.
For all those fantasy sports fans, be it season long or daily, who have engaged with us on the site over the last 18 months we are extremely appreciative and if circumstances allow in the future we will revert back to standard programming.
On a positive note, we continue to be as active as ever on Twitter @DFSAustralia with stats and analysis regularly published so come join us and engage in some banter.
From time to time we also publish more detailed statistical reviews on our Tableau Public page, feel free to drop by there and take a look.
Finally, if you want any assistance with developing your own fantasy sport spreadsheets or analysis tools we are more than willing to help fellow fans out, we can be contacted via email at dailyfantasysportsaustralia@gmail.com